Types of Examinations

Our Unique Approach to Dentistry

Cove Dental Center provides a full range of services and state of the art treatments to their patients. By providing a wide variety of treatment options, the practice is able to serve patients with any need imaginable. While this is in no way a comprehensive list of treatments, patients who visit Dr. Waites at Cove Dental Center can expect to receive general dentistry services like the following:

Full Examinations for New Patients

New patients to the practice will receive a full examination to assess their exact dental condition. This includes both bitewing and panoramic X-rays, in addition to periodontal charting and oral cancer screenings. During the exam, teeth will be checked for any type of plaque, tartar, cavities or other forms of decay. The dentist will look for any signs of oral disease, jaw misalignment or any other issues that may need to be addressed. By knowing in advance exactly what types of dental issues are present, it is easier to provide excellent, effective services and treatments to help patients’ teeth.

Limited Examinations

Anyone who is dealing with any sort of dental issue should come in to the practice to receive an examination of the problem. The dentist will assess exactly what the problem is and will usually offer treatment on the spot to resolve it. Anyone who experiences sudden pain, sensitivity or damage to their teeth should come in immediately for help to prevent worsening problems.

Recall Examinations

Every six months, patients should visit the practice to receive a thorough tooth cleaning and exam. By keeping teeth clean and free of plaque or tartar build-up, many common dental issues can be avoided. It is best to have professional cleanings twice a year to prevent these issues from occurring. During these routine checkups, teeth will be examined for any problems and will be professionally cleaned of all foreign material. This helps to keep teeth and gums healthy and looking their best.

Teeth Whitening

Professional dental whitening is the best way to remove any stains that may have developed on the surface of teeth. Whitening teeth using home kits purchased over-the-counter is not very effective, and users do not often have good results. Additionally, home kits can actually damage teeth and gums by causing chemical burns and sensitivity. Professional whitening is safer and works much better to renew the appearance of teeth.



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